Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Basics of Selling Your Home

Selling your home will be the ideal way to start a new chapter in your life while also earning considerably from your former home. However, selling it on your own will be work-intensive and you will definitely need the help of a Kirkland real estate agency to make this process easier. Though the services of a realtor will be enough to make your offer lucrative to prospective buyers, there are still a lot you will need to do to make the most out of the home buying process.
Clean Up
In home buying, the very first thing that a buyer would look for is habitability. In other words, the place should have suitable living conditions. Before you put a price for your house in the market, have the place thoroughly cleaned up. Every blemish and damage should be repaired and every unsightly feature cleaned, repaired or removed entirely. The key here is to give potential buyers that your house is ready for the presence of a new owner, regardless of their lifestyle. Once your place has been cleared, you can then start on calling for a real estate agency to help you sell the place.
In as much as you want to have the most profitable price for the house to cover for your expenses, it is better that you aim for something more realistic. More often than not, a high price can scare off a potential buyer which will leave your offer hanging on the market for several months. A real estate agency can help you evaluate the value of your house based on its current market price, depreciation and the value of the improvements you have invested on the property.
Most home sellers think that having a high price will be more profitable since because they have settled on that amount and would not budge. An appraisal will help them understand how they can maximize their profit on the house given the house’s current state and the various trends in the market. A good real estate agency can help you find a price that will be a good balance between profit and realistic market values.

Apart from being attractive, any house to be sold should be safe to live in. before putting up advertisements for your home, have an inspector take a look at the various systems in the home like heating, electrical systems and the plumbing. Through inspection, you can have a clear understanding of what needs to be fixed way before you have the place sold. Work with your real estate agent closely when it comes to looking for inspection services. They would most likely have worked with one before and can refer you to their services for your home.
Open House
Once your house has been prepped, the Kirkland real estate agency can now arrange for buyers to come into your home and see what you have to offer. It is best that you set aside a few hours for visitors to go through your home thoroughly. After all, an open house will be the best time for you to flaunt the best features of your home and entice buyers to take your offer. If done right, you can expect a closed deal in a few

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