Wednesday, December 17, 2014

For the Latest in Real Estate, Try Kirkland Real Estate Agency

Green Homes are now one of the hottest trends in the real estate industry. One of the reasons why green homes are much preferred nowadays is because of the increasing levels of global warming. Other than the fact that green homes save the environment, they offer great benefits to homeowners since they save a lot of money thru cutting down the need for many other resources. Kirkland real estate agency knows this that they also offer greenhouses for their well loved customers.

A green home’s flooring should be made of recycled or renewable products. And since environment friendly is a trait of a green home, the products or materials should be safe to the environment and to the people at the same time. The installation process involved should be done in an eco-friendly manner without creating harm or potential harm to the environment such as gas emissions. The common materials used for flooring in a green home include: cork, bamboo and linoleum, they all give a warm, inviting and cozy appeal plus they are very durable that they endure or last for a very long time. They don't even contain such chemicals like adhesives that contain formaldehyde, thus would harm health but this is knowingly present on materials used for non-green homes. They are also stain resistant and does not readily absorb water, which is a redeeming quality of linoleum.

Salvaged lumber is another material commonly used for a green home. Salvaged lumber can be obtained from homes that are older or those that are almost collapsing. Salvaged lumber has many advantages to use for your home since it is already aged to a density and hardness unlike new lumber. Solar energy is another characteristic of a green home. This is considered vital since it 100% conserves the energy from the environment thus saving much more on electricity costs. Energy efficiency is never absent in a green home. That is why one must purchase energy efficient products or devices for the house. Make sure that the home appliances to be used such as dryers, microwaves. refrigerators, washers and other electric appliances are 100% energy efficient. if they are not then simply don't buy it. 

Another very significant thing to think about when buying a green home is ensuring that you are making a deal with a legitimate real estate company such as kirkland real estate agency.

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