Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The History of ReMax Real Estate

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The History of ReMax Real Estate

RE/MAX was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1973 by Dave Liniger. It was his idea to develop a real estate company where agents could keep more of their commissions. He knew his model would appeal to serious Realtors who would rather contribute more to office expenses than the traditional real estate split. It has grown into a global network with extensive agent marketing and now more than 90,000 Sales Associates are RE/MAX Realtors. 

Customer service has been the driving force behind the success of RE/MAX agents. Along with valuable real estate agent support and education, agents have flourished with the RE/MAX franchise. The balloon has become the network's official logo and is recognized world-wide. 

Kathryn Bell has been a licensed Realtor since 1979 and in the Real Estate industry for 35 years. She joined Kirkland real estate in 2006. Realizing the freedom she would be gaining, she joined RE/MAX and has been an agent and broker for Kirkland real estate and RE/MAX ever since. She prides herself with extensive real estate agent support in helping clients with all their real estate needs. 

Whether her clients are buying or selling, Kathryn Bell is always there to help guide her customers. It’s a great feeling to help the first time home buyer realize their dream of home ownership. If you need your home sold, she is an expert in agent marketing. 

Kathryn Bell has actually owned real estate companies, worked in the lending field, and was a Sales Representative for a Title Company. With all of her knowledge and expertise in the real estate field, she is able to assist buyers and sellers in all aspects of the selling process. You can count on her experience to make the process of buying or selling a pleasurable event. 

She also gives to charity by donating to the Purrfect Pals Cat Rescue, ASPCA, and Seattle's Union Gospel Mission. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Kirkland Real Estate Agents you Can Definitely Trust

Looking for a new place to stay for good is always very hard when you do not know what to do and do not know how the process works. Luckily, you can easily hire one of the best kirkland real estate agents which deals almost all of the problems that concerns a place for you to stay. The best kirkland real estate agents can help you with anything that concerns real estate properties. They can guide you every step of the way. An experienced buyer or a real estate agent knows that there are certain processes for you to follow and understand. There are simple rules when you are working with the best of kirkland real estate agent. All of these rules that you have to abide are all important factors for you to have a place to stay in. These are just some of the simple ones. The complicated ones will have to come later.

Shopping and hunting a house for you to live in is somewhat different. It is because shopping is just like planning to buy a home but still does not have the appropriate budget to buy it. This involves financial problems. So shopping is merely a way person to have fun and look for things that he wanted but he can not have it.ile house hunting is more serious than shopping. House hunting is a process in which you are going to find house you are going to find with the capacity of your finance. You can afford to buy a new house.

So house hunting is an important factor that you would have to do with the best real estate agent in kirkland. You must have your wanted qualities of your house in your mind. You must commit to your expected result when buying a house and you should tell it to your kirkland real estate agent. Last but not the least important factor for you to consider is to be honest all the time when having contractions and conditions with your real estate agent. To lie is a very crucial mistake to do when working with a real estate agent. Do not do this for this may ruin your entire plan. Consider all of these factors then this maybe a sure chance for you to be satisfied with the upcoming results. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Common Mistakes That a Real Estate Agent Should Avoid

The real estate business has been making good profits for business individuals involved that almost everyone have entertained the thought of getting into the business of real estate. But now you might be wondering as to why there are not much successful real estate agents out there. If you are a real estate newbie, it is better to be aware of the common mistakes that real estate agents have made. This way, you’ll know which ones to avoid and become a successful kirkland residential real estate agent.

But because this business is much different than other conventional careers and its character is different than other types of business makes the real estate a complicated business to take. While you may have tons of guts and ambition, it would also benefit to be careful and avoid on the common mistakes. One of the worst is having no business strategy at all. This is similar to a soldier going into battle without ammunition. Most of the real estate agent newbies think of this as a job or think of themselves as employees since they are under a real estate agency when in fact they are actually getting into business which requires you to work harder and independently as they could. Make sure that you have the right elements for a proper business strategy as goals, specific services that you can perform, budgeting, funding and marketing. Not getting the right mentors to help you is another mistake you should avoid. Make sure that you are in the right closing team because this is what makes your name. This is the team to turn to if you have any queries or confusions and they can assist you in the complex world of real estate. Not having the necessities is another no-no. Such necessities would include certifications, memberships and even high technology gadgets such as mobile phone plans that would assist your business as well as a personal computer or a laptop to aid you with the emails and such.

Not enough funding is another mistake that real estate newbies make. Businesses will always have a type of budget as well as funding. Not allowing to allot money for marketing is another huge mistake. This should not be seen as a nuisance but an investment for your business. Kirkland residential real estate agents should avoid this common pitfalls to reach the top among others.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Finding the Certified Kirkland Real Estate Specialist

We all know that when you are trying to find a real estate property in Kirkland you will need the help of a certified real estate specialist. Now in this article you will know how to pick the right and suitable and certified kirkland real estate specialist. A certified real estate specialist can handle the real estate process with their ability to talk it out of the deals. This means that you have to find the best one from a selection of real estate agents in an agency. Luckily, this can be done easily with the help of a few credible sources of information.

Agents that are equipped with a good and reliable background as well as a great and wholesome personality are top notch recommendations from famous sources. Being versatile and proficient in handling varying situations and environments make a person competent; such qualities makes an agent a great referral. Professional real estate specialists are more willing to refer their colleagues to the right buyer. In this way you can find the right and suitable Agent for the perfect real estate property. Professional referrals happens when the Certified real estate specialist feels like he is not the right person for the job that has been offered. After this then he would suggest other Certified real estate agent that can meet your expectation or even exceed it. Thus, you can be assured that you are being led to the right agents with the help of individuals. 

Find always opportunities to observe how they work. A very good example is to what they do when open houses occur. Try to see if their performance is right for your Real estate problems. Observe how they make questions. Is the question informative? Is it straight to the pint? You must understand your real estate agent. Try to see each other’s perspectives. As always it is always helpful to collect as many business cards as you can when attending this event. This way, you will have a healthy pool of prospective agents to choose from. Referrals are not the only thing that you have to follow. Online listings of Real estate agents are available too. Be careful in trying to find the right site because there are sites that are fake or outdated. Online listings of certified kirkland real estate specialist are credible because of the agency that listed them is credible and trusted.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

For the Latest in Real Estate, Try Kirkland Real Estate Agency

Green Homes are now one of the hottest trends in the real estate industry. One of the reasons why green homes are much preferred nowadays is because of the increasing levels of global warming. Other than the fact that green homes save the environment, they offer great benefits to homeowners since they save a lot of money thru cutting down the need for many other resources. Kirkland real estate agency knows this that they also offer greenhouses for their well loved customers.

A green home’s flooring should be made of recycled or renewable products. And since environment friendly is a trait of a green home, the products or materials should be safe to the environment and to the people at the same time. The installation process involved should be done in an eco-friendly manner without creating harm or potential harm to the environment such as gas emissions. The common materials used for flooring in a green home include: cork, bamboo and linoleum, they all give a warm, inviting and cozy appeal plus they are very durable that they endure or last for a very long time. They don't even contain such chemicals like adhesives that contain formaldehyde, thus would harm health but this is knowingly present on materials used for non-green homes. They are also stain resistant and does not readily absorb water, which is a redeeming quality of linoleum.

Salvaged lumber is another material commonly used for a green home. Salvaged lumber can be obtained from homes that are older or those that are almost collapsing. Salvaged lumber has many advantages to use for your home since it is already aged to a density and hardness unlike new lumber. Solar energy is another characteristic of a green home. This is considered vital since it 100% conserves the energy from the environment thus saving much more on electricity costs. Energy efficiency is never absent in a green home. That is why one must purchase energy efficient products or devices for the house. Make sure that the home appliances to be used such as dryers, microwaves. refrigerators, washers and other electric appliances are 100% energy efficient. if they are not then simply don't buy it. 

Another very significant thing to think about when buying a green home is ensuring that you are making a deal with a legitimate real estate company such as kirkland real estate agency.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

5 Qualities to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

The work of kirkland real estate agents can simplify matters revolving around buying or selling a house. Armed with experience, expertise and all the right connections, the work of a good realtor will help you get hold of the best house for your needs or the right buyer. To offer the best real estate services, a realtor has to stand out from his contemporaries. In order to do so, they should possess a few qualities.


The ability to interact with individuals and give off an air of friendliness is crucial to the work of real estate agents. If given the choice, you would rather work with someone who makes you feel comfortable as opposed to agents who will the hairs of your neck stand up with every syllable they utter. Sociable agents are those that can assure you that the process of buying or selling a house is easy so as long as you will receive the right kind of help. This feeling of certainty will be crucial in building a trusting relationship between client and realtor.


This might come off as a no-brainer but it is very important that you make sure an agent possesses all the right credentials before hiring them. Possessing a license is a must for every agent as it means that they have passed all the right qualifications in order to prove real estate assistance to clients. In short, no agent is allowed to practice if they can’t produce the right credentials.

To make sure that you are hiring the services of a licensed realtor, you will have to take a look at various sources in the Internet. Are they affiliated with official real estate organizations? Are they listed in a real estate agency? Have they been practicing in the area for several years? A “yes” to all these questions will be your green light in hiring the agent.

Effective Communication

It cannot be avoided that you will have a lot of concerns and queries in the buying and selling process especially if you are doing this for the first time. Thus, you will need an agent who can quickly answer your questions as soon as they arise. Constant communication is essential when working with real estate agents as this will be a prime opportunity for clients to learn more of their options. 

In addition, a good agent has the ability to explain to you the process of buying or selling a house in the most simplest of terms. Part of the intimidation in real estate comes from the various figures, jargons and terms that agents use which most clients, sadly, are not familiar with. An agent will help you enlighten yourself with the process instead of simply impressing you with their in-depth knowledge of the industry.


Finally, it is best that you look for Kirkland real estate agents that can put your welfare above their interests. Keep in mind that how you will enjoy from the transaction will be determined by how the agent provides you with information and options. A real estate agent of integrity will make sure that you will get the most out of the deal first before they work on ensuring a healthy profit from their work.