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Avoid Winter Repairs: How to Protect a Home From Cold

Avoid Winter Repairs: How to Protect a Home From Cold

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Sellers’ shutters and siding may look great. However, as this winter has repeatedly reminded us, all the beautiful features on the exterior of sellers’ home need to withstand the elements.


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    Snow de-icer on a porch


    Tips on Using Salt to Melt Ice Safely Around Your Home


    We all know salt melts ice, but some deicers can be harmful to pets, plants, and our water supply. Here are some tips on choosing deicers. Read


    Man shoveling snow in his driveway


    Snow Shoveling: Tools, Techniques, and Tips to Save Your Back


    Shoveling is hard enough. Don’t compound the drudgery with the wrong shovel and bad shoveling techniques, both of which can put a serious strain on your back and even your heart. Read

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